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The Century Homes Advantage

We do everything possible to make your experience enjoyable and worry free.

We have an understanding of the construction process that makes it flow smoothly through each phase. We work closely with our customers to avoid afterthoughts or oversights. Projects are run efficiently with the necessary lead time for each decision and selection. We make you aware, in advance, of items requiring your attention.

You tell us how you want it, we make it happen.

We listen to our clients. We ask the right questions and patiently listen to their answers. Once we know your wishes and concerns, our expertise allows us to provide you with the best option to fit your needs and lifestyle.

We know how important the little things are.

We pay attention to the details. Have you ever been in or lived in a home where you stumbled over floor transitions, the swing of a door was awkward, or there was never an outlet where you needed it? That’s because someone didn’t pay attention to the details. We work hard to make sure every detail is thought out to add convenience and function.

Our projects are built to perform and require minimal maintenance.

We take pride in what we do and expect our work to withstand the test of time. Choosing the right materials and building techniques helps us achieve this. We are up to speed on new products and systems that balance energy efficiency, and durability. We work closely with you to explain how decisions made now can affect maintenance and replacement down the road.

We’re there for you long after the work is completed.

We want you to be thrilled with the final product. All materials and workmanship are of the highest quality.  We make ourselves available and are responsive to anything that may arise after your renovation is completed. Any issues are addressed and quickly taken care of. Our goal is to build long term relationships and we treat our customers with the consideration and respect they deserve.

Do you need to make an improvement to sell your home?

Sometimes it makes sense to spend a little money taking care of items that may turn off potential buyers and increase your homes market value. It's very likely that your project is going to cost more every year you delay. People always say "We knew it had to be taken care of years ago. I don't know why we didn't do it then so we could've actually enjoyed it".

Are you relocating to the area?

We can take care of your remodeling and renovation requests before you make the move or at least get started before you arrive. Through the use of today's technology, it easy to send photos and video conference from the home so that you can see the work and how the job is progressing.

Have you recently purchased a home that needs renovations?

If you've already purchased a home and plan on making some changes, Century Homes and Renovations can provide pricing for your remodeling and renovation needs. If you haven't made the offer yet, we can consult with you about the homes potential and help make your buying decision easier.