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Starting the Remodeling Process

We want your experience to be enjoyable. Project planning is a great opportunity to have a little fun and get creative. Don’t worry about all the little details, that’s our job.

Meet and listen: This is usually an hour long meeting, depending on the scope of your project. We meet with you, take a look at your remodeling project, and listen to your needs. This is a great time to show us any pictures you have and tell us how your family will use the space. If your not the creative type, we can offer our thoughts and give you ideas.

Establish budget: After our first meeting we follow up with you to make sure we are the right fit for your project. We provide a “ballpark” price based on past projects to see if the work can be done within your budget. If it can’t, we’re more then happy to revise the amount of work or materials. If we’re “in the ballpark” we’ll move towards a more detailed plan and proposal.

Project plans: If you don’t have drawings for your project, don’t stress. Most project design and drawings can be handled by us. We can also refer you to an outside source, depending on your needs.

Material selections: This is where you have the opportunity to select any finish materials like flooring, tile, cabinets, light or plumbing fixtures, appliances, and hardware.

Final pricing: We provide you with a proposal detailing price and job specifications. This proposal also explains job deposits, draw schedules and payment terms. If you haven’t made all your selections or you’re unsure about some of the finished materials, we will provide allowances for those items.

Work begins: Once we receive a job deposit, we’ll obtain building permits if necessary. Then we’ll begin your renovation and turn your dreams into reality!

To begin the process, call and schedule a consultation 336-406-3175 or send us an email.

What to expect during home remodeling.

Do you need to make an improvement to sell your home?

Sometimes it makes sense to spend a little money taking care of items that may turn off potential buyers and increase your homes market value. It's very likely that your project is going to cost more every year you delay. People always say "We knew it had to be taken care of years ago. I don't know why we didn't do it then so we could've actually enjoyed it".

Are you relocating to the area?

We can take care of your remodeling and renovation requests before you make the move or at least get started before you arrive. Through the use of today's technology, it easy to send photos and video conference from the home so that you can see the work and how the job is progressing.

Have you recently purchased a home that needs renovations?

If you've already purchased a home and plan on making some changes, Century Homes and Renovations can provide pricing for your remodeling and renovation needs. If you haven't made the offer yet, we can consult with you about the homes potential and help make your buying decision easier.