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What To Plan For During Your Remodel

Once we begin work in your home there will be a lot of communication from us.  We will keep you informed about material deliveries and let you know when tradesman will be on site to perform any work.

We let you know what the schedule is so you can finalize material selections or start thinking about details like plug and light switch locations.  We want you to know what’s going on and this helps us keep your project moving forward.

There is a specific process to the order of work.  For example: insulation is installed after mechanical rough-ins, cabinets are usually set after flooring, and light fixtures and appliances are installed near the end of the project to avoid the chance of damage.

Our process provides harmony between tradesman and produces a great finished product.  If you have a question, please ask, we are happy to share what our experience has taught us.

Make arrangements so work can be completed.  For example, if we’re remodeling you’re bathroom,  make sure you’ve removed personal items.  We’ll let you know what tasks you might have to complete before work can begin.

We want to make progress on your project and spend time in your home doing what we do best, building.

We may need to store materials or set up in a dry location on a rainy day, so you may need to provide a little space in your garage or on your covered porch.

If you have a pet that likes to sneak outside when doors are opened or likes wet paint, put them in their own area.

We appreciate the little things you do and they help the process run smooth.


Do you need to make an improvement to sell your home?

Sometimes it makes sense to spend a little money taking care of items that may turn off potential buyers and increase your homes market value. It's very likely that your project is going to cost more every year you delay. People always say "We knew it had to be taken care of years ago. I don't know why we didn't do it then so we could've actually enjoyed it".

Are you relocating to the area?

We can take care of your remodeling and renovation requests before you make the move or at least get started before you arrive. Through the use of today's technology, it easy to send photos and video conference from the home so that you can see the work and how the job is progressing.

Have you recently purchased a home that needs renovations?

If you've already purchased a home and plan on making some changes, Century Homes and Renovations can provide pricing for your remodeling and renovation needs. If you haven't made the offer yet, we can consult with you about the homes potential and help make your buying decision easier.