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Remodeling Portfolio

At Century Homes and Renovations, we believe you’re only as good as your past work. To help you see some of our work, we’ve created this section. We know we’ve forgotten to document some of it, but here’s what we have and we will make an effort to take more pictures and update it frequently.



While many of our clients give us great referrals and share their praises personally, we haven’t asked or given them a platform to provide testimonials. We meet with our clients throughout the process and get feedback face to face.

For those that like testimonials, we thought we’d share a letter of reference written by a client on the owners behalf:

I have known Mr. Everett for over Twenty years and have contracted with his company on several occasions. The jobs that Mr. Everett managed encompassed every facet of the construction process from design to finish.

He and his subcontractors provided the highest quality results-passing every phase of internal and governmental inspections. He consulted us when there were decisions to be made that may change cost or not – comes and provided documentation of any changes. And, Mr Everett provided fair and accurate billings throughout the process.

From a personal perspective, Mr. Everett is a fair and level headed business man who always looks for the best results for his customer. Even if that means putting in no charge time. Though he has a hard work ethic, he is a dedicated father and always looked to balance his work with family.

I strongly recommend Mr. Everett as an able and competent contractor.


Chris S.

Do you need to make an improvement to sell your home?

Sometimes it makes sense to spend a little money taking care of items that may turn off potential buyers and increase your homes market value. It's very likely that your project is going to cost more every year you delay. People always say "We knew it had to be taken care of years ago. I don't know why we didn't do it then so we could've actually enjoyed it".

Are you relocating to the area?

We can take care of your remodeling and renovation requests before you make the move or at least get started before you arrive. Through the use of today's technology, it easy to send photos and video conference from the home so that you can see the work and how the job is progressing.

Have you recently purchased a home that needs renovations?

If you've already purchased a home and plan on making some changes, Century Homes and Renovations can provide pricing for your remodeling and renovation needs. If you haven't made the offer yet, we can consult with you about the homes potential and help make your buying decision easier.